Re: More progress on loading 2.5.50

From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 17:21:18 EST

Matt Young wrote:

>PSAUX is not some fantastic French technology, it must be enabled.

>My 3COM/USB adapter seems to be enabled correctly but the LCD lights do not
>blink. Still testing.
>95% there, although I did hack into do_mounts and force fed the proper root
>The patch for make that fixes make modules works fine, thank you.
>Question: Can I turn REISERFS on and off for testing
yes, though you'll also need to mkreiserfs your hard drive which has the
pleasing effect of removing and destroying ext2 and all files stored in
it.... (try man mkreiserfs)

> (does in nun on top of
Au contraire, I must say that the ext2 developers are definitely better
nuns than we are.

>Yast is a dog.
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I think you should use 2.4.20 not 2.5.50. Really, the unstable series
(2.5) is not for people to use, it is for people to test.

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