Re: kconfig (gkc) [PATCH]

From: Romain Lievin (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 16:29:04 EST


Sorry, for the long time, I was waiting for GTK+ team to fix a bug...

> > BTW, I have fixed the problems you reported to me in gkc (gconf). gkc is now
> > working fine.
> I still saw some problems, e.g. try to play with SCSI_AIC7XXX.

Well, fixed... All stuffs seem to work fine now !

> A seperate target should do for now. I'm a bit concerned about the size. I
> tried to keep qconf small, so e.g. I didn't use the qt designer. gconf is
> now already larger than qconf. It might help to see it as complete patch
> and if not too many people complain, it would be far easier for me to send
> it on to Linus. :)

You will find a patch against 2.5.51 on

> bye, Roman

Next step: add the 2 other views and use icons (by sharing yours).

Thanks, Romain.

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