Re: 2.5.51 nanosleep fails

From: Marco d'Itri (md@Linux.IT)
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 15:57:30 EST

On Dec 11, Jim Houston <> wrote:

>I was able to reproduce this issue. It happens on all the
>kernels I tried including a stock Redhat kernel. This is just
>an idiosyncrasy of strace. In this case both the strace and
No, it is not. It does not happen with 2.4.x kernel and probably did not
happen with 2.5.50.
It *does* happen with 2.5.51 even when strace is not used:

md@wonderland:~$LANG= tail -f /var/log/uucp/Log
uucico bofh - (2002-12-12 21:50:27.54 4484) Call complete (4 seconds 2336 bytes 584 bps)

[2]+ Stopped LANG= tail -f /var/log/uucp/Log
md@wonderland:~$ fg
LANG= tail -f /var/log/uucp/Log
tail: cannot read realtime clock: Bad address
[Exit 1]

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