Re: [FBDEV]: Framebuffer driver for Intel 810/815 chipsets

From: James Simmons (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 13:45:20 EST

Applied !!!!

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On 11 Dec 2002, Antonino Daplas wrote:

> James,
> It seems the fbdev framework is stable enough, and already in the
> development tree. So, I'm submitting a driver for the Intel 810/815 for
> review and perhaps inclusion to your tree (to get more testing), and
> hopefully merge with Linus's tree.
> The patch is against linux-2.5.51, but will not work yet because of 2
> reasons:
> 1. agpgart is not working for the i810
> 2. support for early agp initialization needs to be added.
> Once #1 is fixed, the driver should work as a module. And once #2 gets
> included, the driver can be compiled statically. Dave Jones (thanks for
> the help, by the way) has already #2 in his tree (tested and works), and
> is currently working on #1 (I have a hacked version at home).
> The driver should be compliant with fbdev-2.5, and should support most
> if not all features that are to be expected (modularity, state saving
> and restoring, full hardware support, etc). One thing also that's very
> important for many people is that the driver will work with XFree86 with
> its native i810 drivers without further modification, and quite stably
> too.
> The patch is at
> Thanks,
> Tony

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