RH 8.0 vs. RH7.3 driver issues

From: Harlan Jillson (Harlan.Jillson@pathfinderlwd.com)
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 10:12:47 EST

hi all,
  I just subscribed to the list, and am looking for some suggestions.
  I have a device driver for a RS485 card that does microlan
communications between several devices. The driver was written a couple
of years ago using the 2.2 kernel in RH 6.1. It's was updated for 2.4
kernel when RH7.3 was released and has been working fine. RH8.0 is
apparently a different story, as there appears to be problems with
scheduled timeouts (polling intervals) and maybe some interrupt issues.
My question is are there any known problems ( RH kernel 2.4.18-3)? I
know I'm dealing the revamps in the scheduler and timer areas and then
there's the shift from gcc 2.96 to 3.2.
Thanks for any suggestions,
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