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>> comparing unices and Windoze, is the question "What is an operating
>> system"? Is the kernel the OS? Are the libraries part of it as well?

>IMHO, the operating system is whatever is reached through system
>calls, i.e traps. MS seems to define it as whatever they bundle on
>the CD.

99,95+% of the computer users base out there tend to differ. This
makes your point rather moot :-) (To me, the "OS" consists at least of
the kernel, c standard library/ies with their support files and enough
infrastructure to start programs without having to hard code them on a
kernel boot line or in code. Which is at least /sbin/init and might
even contain a simple user command shell).

This definition could fit on a floppy, though. Might even fit on an
720k diskette. :-) Kernel + /sbin/init + busybox is IMHO an OS.

If you define "OS" at the syscall layer you end up with what we
started. Two threads printing 1 0 1 0 1 0 on your screen.


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