Re: Why does C3 CPU downgrade in kernel 2.4.20?

Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 05:19:05 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 18:51, Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>Is this the CPU in the $200 "Lindows" PC Wal-Mart is selling? I was
>>thinking of one for a low volume router, and it looks as if there are two
>>VIA chips called C3 (or advertizers have hacked the specs).
> It is. Its a nice CPU for appliances. FPU is nondescript, integer
> performance is sort of the same as an equivalently clocked celewrong for
> the current Ezra core at least. The older Samuel II core seems a little
> slower.
> There is also a subspecies that comes in at 500-600MHz and is designed
> for low power fanless operation (though with a decent sized heatsink the
> same is true for the 1GHz ones).

Although don't try to do this in 1U with 1GHz chips unless you clock
down and reduce the voltage (you need a "fair amount" of free space
above the heatsink to dissipate the heat). Hmm that reminds me I must
complete the auto voltage selection code in cpufreq.

> If you think the Walmart PC is cool take a look at the EPIA board or see
> 60W for a complete PC

I built a "no moving parts" router thingy in 1U that used max 19W.
You get a nice MTBF (5.25 years for our config) when there's nothing
mechanical as well as a good power saving. The main parts were:

PSU: EOS VLT60-3000 (now celetron)
MB: Advantech PCM9576
CPU: Ezra C3 866a
HD: 64MB compact flash


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