cmipci gameport and gravis gamepad pro

From: anon anon (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 04:08:46 EST

I have an AudioExcel AV-511 (cmipci using the alsa drivers) and I'm having a
heck of a time getting my Gravis Gamepad Pro (or the gameport of the cmipci
sound card more to the point) to show up. What kind of gameport do I have
to compile support in for? I tried standard plug and play gameport with the
2.4 kernel and that says no such address etc. when I try to insmod ns558...
I tried compiling it right in to the kernel but it didn't help. I've also
tried the 2.5 kernel but I still don't see anything that looks like a
gameport in dmesg or /proc /devices. Is there any way to get my gameport
on my cmipci sound card to show up under linux (both my Gravis Gamepad Pro's
work good under windows98 so I know the port is good)?

My main goal is to have my gravis gamepad pro (gameport version of the
controller) working in xmame, but just a few hints if someone could give
them to me to get the card to even show up in the /proc filesystem would be

(I've read joystick.txt and input.txt and the new input homepage but I
still have no luck.)

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