Re: Is this going to be true ?

From: Mark Hamblin (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 22:39:44 EST

> > Grow up and stop spreading FUD. I haven't had to reinstall a Windows
> > 2000 server ever since it was released (not that there were many that
> > I ever used. But I actually did and deployed apps on them). 95, 98 and
> > ME maybe. NT4 almost never and W2K is a quite stable platform even
> > under load.

> I wish to hell it was FUD. I have watched all the Sun Workstations
> at work be replaced with Windows/2000/Professional PCs. I have watched
> all the 'nix programmers leave, replaced by Internet junkies who
> don't (can't) write any code. In spite of the fact that don't actually
> use their machines for any work, about 10 percent out of 600++ are
> down at any one moment, most always to "reload Windows".

Clearly the truth is somewhere between your two viewpoints, but one thing is
for sure: The Linux kernel is hands down the better product. There are
still a few exceptions to this rule, but those are disappearing rapidly
(epoll cures the last one that gives me heartburn).

Now, if only the application designers could match what Windows applications
designers have accomplished. I think the first step would to torpedo
X-Windows :) ...But that's a topic for some other mailing list.

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