Re: 2.5.50 - sound driver issues with i810_audio

From: Doug Ledford (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 17:59:28 EST

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 04:24:21PM -0500, wrote:
> a female voice saying "New mail from I B M I-source List Server". When I
> play it, "New mail from" is almost always OK, sometimes all of it is OK, and
> usually it loses it about halfway through. What comes out sounds like:
> New Mail from I B I-sour<M>ce <distorted>list server st server"
> Yes, it sounds like it's taking about half the frames and delaying them a chunk

This sounds like the problem some chipsets had with wrapping counters in
the dma pointer read code. Basically, when the sg segment is advanced to
the next segment, the offset counter would not be simultaneously cleared
but instead would be momentarily delayed before the clear occured and a
read at just the wrong time could result in us thinking that the buffer
was a full sg segment farther than it was. There were changes made to the
oss i810 driver around version 0.18 to solve this problem if I remember
correctly. Similar code may be needed in the alsa driver, I'm not sure
because I have looked at it or tried it (my machine with an i810 doesn't
run 2.5 kernels).

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