Re: IBM spamms me with error messages

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 15:21:50 EST

> I replied to some mail on l-k and IBM spammed me with 20+ error
> messages. Now it is apparently going to do that again.
> IBM: I asked your postmasters to fix your mail systems, and you
> apparently don't know how to do that. Can you fix it?!
> I don't know what broken mailserver substituted my email address as
> pavel%internet.vnet@RCHGATE.RCHLAND.IBM.COM, and I do not care much,

I'm promised this is fixed now. If people still get bounces, I'll route
problems to the appropriate people if you send them to
(I'll probably regret that offer, but still ...)

Apologies on behalf of other random bits of IBM.


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