Re: Destroying processes

From: Justin Hibbits (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 14:30:49 EST

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 02:21:55PM -0500, Robert Love wrote:
> Cases where kill -9 fail to work are cases where it is supposed to fail.
> You cannot kill zombies, that would break POSIX compliance when the
> parent's called wait. If you task's parents are not properly calling
> wait() that is an application bug. If the parent exits, the children
> should be reparented to init and init will reap them via wait().
> You also cannot kill tasks that are sleeping (D in ps/top). They may
> hold a semaphore or otherwise be in the middle of a critical section.
> Killing them would be bad bad bad.
> Robert Love

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. My reasoning for wanting this is because a CD
I had mounted with cdfs was screwed up in the mount (file sizes were
misreported, etc), and I couldn't umount it, even tho I could eject it with
cdrecord -eject. The umount process then went to sleep (with teh 'D' showing
in ps/top), and I couldn't use that drive again until after a reboot. That's
when I got the idea that I should be able to destroy the process completely,
annihilating everything with it, destroying any connections it has with the
kernel, etc. I guess it's a bad idea, given your statement :P

Anyway, thanks for the reply,


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