Re: Bug Report 2.4.20: Interrupt sharing bogus

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 14:45:55 EST

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 18:55, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
> 4-port ethernet card. For tests I simply copy a lot of files via NFS to the
> local hd. It always freezes the machine, not always ad-hoc, but within short.
> I checked with 2.4.19 - same problem.
> I can test patches on this, no production machine involved. Any hints appreciated.

Not all systems get on with the 4 ports and bridge stuff. Also make sure
you have APIC disabled as the SiS io apic has some fun features 2.4
doesnt yet have workarounds for

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