Re: 2.5 Changes doc update.

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 12:58:10 EST

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 05:25:59PM +0000, Dave Jones wrote:
> Kernel build system.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> - Versus 2.4, the build system has been much improved.
> You should notice quicker builds, and less spontaneous rebuilds
> of files on subsequent builds from already built trees.
> - make xconfig now requires the qt libraries.
> - Make menuconfig/oldconfig has no user-visible changes other than speed,
> whilst numerous improvements have been made.
> - Several new debug targets exist: 'allyesconfig' 'allnoconfig' 'allmodconfig'.
> - For infomation: The above improvements are not CML2 / kbuild-2.5 related.

I think the coolest things (to me) of the new build system need to be
noted too,

- "make" is now the preferred target; it does <arch-zimage> and modules.
- "make -jN" is now the preferred parallel-make execution. Do not
  bother to provide "MAKE=xxx".

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