Re: Status new-modules + 802.11b/IrDA

From: Jean Tourrilhes (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 12:43:05 EST

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 07:34:53PM +1100, Rusty Russell wrote:
> In message <> you write:
> > Hi,
> Hi Jean!
> Thanks for the report.

        Yes, for a change I'm trying to be helpful ;-)

> > Debian Boot :
> > -----------
> > o Din't pick up new modutils in the init scripts. Probably
> > because I used install option 1b in README (/usr/local/sbin).
> > o Re-install with option 1a (/sbin), works fine.
> > o Maybe this needs to be in README.
> Debian have picked up the module-init-tools, so although they're a bit
> lagged as I type this, I expect this to become a less common occurrance.

        I'm using stable, which mean that I'm lagging behind Debian...

> > Pcmcia and airo_cs :
> > ------------------
> > o Loads with error below, airo_cs driver is functional.
> > o i82365 cannot be unloaded, it's unsafe.
> > o removal of airo_cs : "Uninitialised timer!/nThis is a
> > warning. Your computer is OK". Call trace on demand. Also, the module
> > airo not removed (probably due to problem with airo_cs).
> That, in itself, should be harmless.

        Yes, but this is new and I don't really like it. I suspect
something is wrong in the Pcmcia code itself. Last I tried was 2.5.46
and I see some suspicious init_timer() added where I would not expect,
and some missing where they would be needed.
        Hum... Who is in charge ?

> > o re-insertion of the card : nothing happens. No messages.
> > o After reboot, /etc/init.d/pcmcia stop -> same thing + script
> > hang + a few [kmodule1? <defunct>]. This prevent the computer to
> > reboot or shutdown properly (== fsck at next boot).
> Wierd. The PCMCIA scripts make assumptions about layout of
> /lib/modules/`uname -r` which was broken by the removal of the
> directory hierarchy. It's not the only thing (mkinitrd also wants
> this). While relying on the layout of the kernel source tree is
> broken, no better alternatives have some up, so this is queued to be
> reverted once I test that it doesn't break the current tools (which
> *should* handle it).

        I personally believe the timer thingy is important and cause
of problems.

> There is a known bug where an *old* rmmod will hang (it has the effect
> of "rmmod --wait": I have a patch to differentiate the two
> effectively, but it requires everyone to upgrade to 0.9 or above,
> which they have probably done by now).

> > o af_irda, irda-usb & irtty-sir are "unsafe". I tracked that
> > down to the use of MOD_INC_USE_COUNT. The header file module.h give
> > hints on how I should convert that to the new world (use
> > try_module_get), however your FAQ seems to say something else (just
> > remove them, they are useless). I'm quite confused, because those
> > MOD_INC_USE_COUNT have a definite purpose... I would appreciate more
> > guidance.
> Looking at these files:
> idra-usb.c: add "netdev->owner = THIS_MODULE;" and get rid of the

        This was the easy one.

> irtty-sir.c: The ldisc code needs an owner field, and it needs to use
> it. Until then, this warning is best left where it is.


> af_irda: The caller needs to do something here, too. Dave?


> Rusty.

        Thanks a lot !

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