Re: Reliable hardware

From: Jason L Tibbitts III (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 12:21:17 EST

>>>>> "AC" == Alan Cox <> writes:

AC> The AMD duals have been a disaster in my experience.

I do have a bunch of these running reliably (RH 7.3 plus the latest
OpenMosix kernel). I had to go through a few combinations of
motherboard and RAM (four different manufacturers of RAM) before I got
something that works. Processors are MP 1900+ or 2000+, boards are
Tyan S2466, memory is in PC2100 ECC registered 512MB sticks from
Corsair. Case and power supply are PC Power and Cooling, mid tower,
450W PS, every fan bay filled. These machines have been rock
stable for months except for a failed IBM deathstar drive and an
over-temp shutdown when the room AC failed.

I still have a couple of the 760MP boards (as opposed to the MPX
boards) which I just can't get to run properly with two processors.

 - J<
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