Allocating 16MB aligned phsyical memory

From: Felix Domke (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 04:23:39 EST


i'm almost a newbie to kernel hacking, and i'm currently writing a driver
for some powerpc-based chipset by IBM (STBxxxx), using the
2.4.xx-linuxppc_devel kernel.

Some On-Chip-Devices require a very strict alignment of memory. For example,
one function (mpeg2 transport demuxer) require that all (32) queues (each of
them about 32kb) reside in one 16MB region, each of them not crossing 1MB

At the moment, i'm reserving a 16MB space of ram for which i made an own
allocater. needless to say that this sucks. So now i'm searching for a way
to allocate physical-mapped, contiguous, aligned (at 2^24 bytes) memory. I
already tried to understand __get_free_pages, map_page and the
powerpc-specific "consistent_alloc", but i couldn't think of enforcing the
alignments. I don't want to allocate 16MB more memory just for the

I know that allocating 16MB-aligned memory isn't nice. But the other choice
is to completely reserve 16MB of RAM, which isn't nice either, since i only
need ~2MB of them.

Can anybody give me a hint how to do this?

felix domke

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