RE: vmalloc

From: Joseph D. Wagner (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 01:16:54 EST

>> Is there any limitation on the amount of
>> memory that can be allocated by using vmalloc
>> ( like 128KB for kmalloc) ?

> for x86 you shouldn't count on being to get more
> than 64Mb of vmalloc memory (even though most
> machines go upto 128Mb at least)

According to the specifications, vmalloc is limited only by the amount of
physical memory on your machine. However, Arjan VanDeVen has a point.
Other process are already using physical memory (like the kernel process),
and those process count against the physical memory available.

TIP: It's always nice to leave at least 20% of the physical memory free for
other critical processes, especially those that can't be swapped out.

Joseph Wagner

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