[STATUS 2.5] December 11, 2002

From: Guillaume Boissiere (boissiere@adiglobal.com)
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 23:33:31 EST

The stabilization work has begun. One item of interest this week
is the update to the new framebuffer/console API.
Full list is available at http://www.kernelnewbies.org/status/

Also, with more people testing different configurations, the
number of bugs in bugzilla has increased quite a big since last
week. 80 and counting.


-- Guillaume

Linux Kernel 2.5 Status - December 11th, 2002
(Latest kernel release is 2.5.51)

Items in bold have changed since last week.

o in 2.5.48 In-kernel module loader (Rusty Russell)
o in 2.5.51 Compatibility syscall layer (Stephen Rothwell)
o in 2.5.51+ Rewrite of the console layer (James Simmons)

o in -mm Page table sharing (Daniel Phillips, Dave McCracken)
o in -osdl Build option for Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) (Karim Yaghmour)
o in -osdl Linux Kernel Crash Dumps (Matt Robinson, LKCD team)
o in -osdl High resolution timers (George Anzinger, etc.)
o in -osdl Kernel Probes (kprobes) (Vamsi Krishna, kprobes team)
o in -dcl NUMA aware scheduler extensions (Erich Focht, Michael Hohnbaum)
o before 2.6.0 Support insane number of groups (Tim Hockin)
o before 2.6.0 Worldclass support for IPv6 (Alexey Kuznetsov, Dave Miller, Jun Murai, Yoshifuji Hideaki, USAGI team)
o before 2.6.0 Reiserfs v4 (Reiserfs team)
o before 2.6.0 32bit dev_t (Al Viro)
o before 2.6.0 Fix device naming issues (Patrick Mochel, Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o before 2.6.0 Change all drivers to new driver model (All maintainers)
o before 2.6.0 USB gadget support (Stuart Lynne, Greg Kroah-Hartman)
o before 2.6.0 Improved AppleTalk stack (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o before 2.6.0 ext2/ext3 online resize support (Andreas Dilger)

13 blo mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN user-mode-linux (ARCH=um) compile broken in 2.5.47
44 blo khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN radeonfb does not compile at all - seems incomplete? or w...
66 blo zaitcev@yahoo.com ASSI SMP Kernel Compile for Sparc32 fails
118 blo mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Load IDE-SCSI module causes OOPS in 2.5.49
123 blo alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI SiL 680 IDE controller has "issues"
10 hig andrew.grover@intel.com ASSI USB HCs may have improper interrupt configuration with AC...
71 hig andrew.grover@intel.com ASSI RTL8100BL (8139) do not work on acpi UP without local apic
84 hig zippel@linux-m68k.org ASSI qconf crashes when setting default NLS
111 hig wli@holomorphy.com OPEN hugetlbfs does not align pages
113 hig alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk OPEN CMD649 or ALI15X3 problem under 2.5.49 and since many pre...
129 hig greg@kroah.com OPEN usb-storage crashes my pc when i plug in a SIIG Compact F...
130 hig green@namesys.com ASSI problems mounting root partition with 2.5.48+ kernels
148 hig mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN keyboard doesn't work
157 hig mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Makefile bug? sound/synth/emux/built-in.o
5 nor mbligh@aracnet.com ASSI 64GB highmem BUG()
7 nor willy@debian.org ASSI file lock accounting broken
9 nor dbrownell@users.sourceforge... ASSI Ehci do not leave system in a sensible state for bios on ...
11 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Intermezzo Compile Failure
15 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI No dma on first hard drive
16 nor willy@debian.org ASSI reproduceable oops in lock_get_status
18 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Synaptics touchpad driver
19 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN aty128fb does not compile
32 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN framebuffer drivers dont compile
36 nor andmike@us.ibm.com ASSI Long tape rewind causes abort on aic7xxx
37 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI IDE problems on old pre-PCI HW
39 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI undefined reference to `boot_gdt_table'
42 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI 8139too ifconfig causes oops
43 nor jgarzik@pobox.com ASSI e100 drivers crashes on non cache-coherent platforms
46 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Two mice: unwanted double-clicks & erratic behavior
48 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN APM suspend and PCMCIA not cooperating
49 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN register_console() called in illegal context
51 nor paul@laufernet.com ASSI isapnp does not register devices in /proc/isapnp
52 nor andmike@us.ibm.com ASSI aic7xxx driver fails to boot on netfinity 7000
53 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI IDE cd-rom I/O error
54 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN 100% reproduceable "null TTY for (####) in tty_fasync"
58 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN OHCI-1394: sleeping function called from illegal context ...
63 nor wli@holomorphy.com OPEN compile error with CONFIG_HUGETLB_PAGE yes
69 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Framebuffer bug
72 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN Framebuffer scrolls at the wrong times/places
79 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN Framebuffer scrolling problem
94 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN file remain locked after sapdb process exist.
100 nor johnstul@us.ibm.com ASSI LTP - gettimeofday02 fails (time is going backwards)
104 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN MIPS fails to build: asm/thread_info.h doesn't exist
105 nor johnstul@us.ibm.com ASSI gettimeofday cripples system running with notsc
106 nor mochel@osdl.org OPEN sysfs hierarchy can begin to disintegrate
110 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN Current bk Linux-2.5, VFS Kernel Panic from Devfs + NO UN...
115 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Kernel modules won't load
116 nor rth@twiddle.net OPEN all mounts oops
117 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN build failure: arch/ppc/kernel/process.c
119 nor andrew.grover@intel.com OPEN 2.5.49 - Dell Latitude weirdness at shutdown
122 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN emu10k1 OSS troubles
126 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN bzImage build failure on input devices support as module
131 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk OPEN "hda: lost interrupt"; "hda: dma_intr: bad DMA status" on...
132 nor acme@conectiva.com.br OPEN windows ip check ARP packet replied by kernel when proxy_...
134 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN 2.5.50 breaks pcmcia cards
135 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN SB16/Alsa doesn't work
136 nor akpm@digeo.com OPEN FSID returned from statvfs always 0
138 nor khoa@us.ibm.com OPEN Build error: drivers/video/sis/sis_main.h:299: parse erro...
140 nor andmike@us.ibm.com OPEN isp1020 driver reports error
143 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk OPEN unable to read cd audio from atapi cdrom/cdrw/dvd device,...
144 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN error return not checked in register_disk (fs/partitions/...
145 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN ALSA: SB-AWE ISA detection fails
149 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN Laptop with touchpad and "pointer". Pointer never works
150 nor greg@kroah.com OPEN [PNP][2.5] IDE Detection problems (wrong IRQ and wrong ID...
151 nor axboe@suse.de OPEN compile failure on drivers/block/ps2esdi.c
153 nor rmk@arm.linux.org.uk OPEN compile failure on drivers/char/riscom8.c
154 nor rmk@arm.linux.org.uk OPEN compile failure on drivers/char/esp.c
155 nor rmk@arm.linux.org.uk OPEN compile failure on drivers/char/specialix.c
156 nor alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI compile failure on drivers/ide/pci/nvidia.c
158 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN depmod should be in README
159 nor mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN compile failure on drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_net_lib.c
8 low alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk ASSI i2o_scsi does not handle reset properly
20 low davej@codemonkey.org.uk OPEN Kernel AGP support needs to be initialized sooner
28 low jgarzik@pobox.com ASSI Compile time warnings from starfire driver (with PAE enab...
29 low akpm@digeo.com ASSI Debug: sleeping function called from illegal context at m...
78 low zippel@linux-m68k.org ASSI make dep on lk configuration exit
83 low zippel@linux-m68k.org ASSI Wish: ability to quickly cycle through (NEW) config options
142 low mbligh@aracnet.com OPEN problem with ver_linux script and procps version
146 low akpm@digeo.com OPEN Assertion failure in do_get_write_access() at fs/jbd/tra...
152 low zippel@linux-m68k.org OPEN make xconfig dont work
80 bugs found.

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