Re: [2.5.51] unknown field 'driver_data' compiling cs4243

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 17:55:36 EST

Burton Windle writes:
>I'm getting an error compiling cs4232 in 2.5.51. It built fine in 50-bk6.
>sound/oss/cs4232.c:361: unknown field `driver_data' specified in initializer

        This is not due to the change that I submitted removing
driver_data from struct pci_dev, although it looks like a similar change
for isapnp devices. I started to make a change to convert
the references to driver_data to
dev_set_drvdata(&isapnpdev->dev,...) and dev_get_drvdata(&isapnpdev->dev),
but got a little confused by the multiple classes of isapnp drivers:

        Driver structure Device structure ID structure

        isapnp_driver pci_dev isapnp_device_id
        (none) pci_bus isapnp_card_id

        pnpc_driver pnp_card pnp_card_id
        pnp_driver pnp_dev pnp_id

        From ChangeLog-2.5.51, I see mention of isapnp changes
associated with Adam Belay. So, I'm cc'ing him as he is probably
much better qualified to explain.

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