atyfb in 2.5.51

From: Paul Mackerras (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 17:31:10 EST

I tried 2.5.51 on my G3 powerbook (laptop), which has a Rage LT Pro
video chip (ID 0x4c49 or LI). With the patch below, atyfb compiles
and seems to mostly work. However, I didn't see any penguin on boot.
Instead the top inch or so of the screen was just black.

X seems to be running just fine. I have 'Option "UseFBDev"' in my
/etc/X11/XF86Config-4. What doesn't work is changing VTs from X to a
text console. If I press ctrl-alt-F1, for instance, the colormap
changes but I don't see anything get redrawn. The screen looks just
like what I had in X but with the altered colormap. If I then press
alt-F7, it switches back to X and X redraws the screen properly and
restores its colormap.

The other worrying thing is that on two occasions now the machine has
oopsed in free_block(), called from reap_timer_fnc(), because it has
dereferenced a bogus pointer value. When I look at the memory that it
read the pointer from, it looks like a console screen buffer, that is,
the bytes are alternately 0x07 and ascii characters that look like a
login prompt. This happened when waking the machine up from sleep and
when exiting X. It sounds to me like you are freeing a console screen
buffer and then continuing to use it.

The patch below also takes out the CONFIG_NVRAM stuff since it doesn't
work and I don't believe anyone has ever used it.

I have also tried aty128fb with some local patches to get it to
compile for my G4 powerbook. It also doesn't draw the penguin, and it
oopses when X starts, for some reason.


diff -urN linux-2.5/drivers/video/aty/atyfb_base.c pmac-2.5/drivers/video/aty/atyfb_base.c
--- linux-2.5/drivers/video/aty/atyfb_base.c 2002-12-10 15:29:52.000000000 +1100
+++ pmac-2.5/drivers/video/aty/atyfb_base.c 2002-12-11 09:16:11.000000000 +1100
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
 #ifdef __powerpc__
 #include <asm/prom.h>
-#include <video/macmodes.h>
+#include "../macmodes.h" /* XXX relative include, yuck */
 #ifdef __sparc__
 #include <asm/pbm.h>
@@ -84,9 +84,6 @@
 #include <asm/btext.h>
-#include <linux/nvram.h>
 #include <asm/backlight.h>
@@ -226,14 +223,9 @@
 #ifdef CONFIG_PPC
-static int default_vmode __initdata = VMODE_NVRAM;
-static int default_cmode __initdata = CMODE_NVRAM;
 static int default_vmode __initdata = VMODE_CHOOSE;
 static int default_cmode __initdata = CMODE_CHOOSE;
 static unsigned int mach64_count __initdata = 0;
@@ -1412,16 +1404,16 @@
 static int aty_sleep_notify(struct pmu_sleep_notifier *self, int when)
         struct fb_info *info;
- struct atyfb_par *par = (struct atyfb_par *) info->fb.par;
+ struct atyfb_par *par;
         int result;
         result = PBOOK_SLEEP_OK;
         for (info = first_display; info != NULL; info = par->next) {
- struct fb_fix_screeninfo fix;
                 int nb;
- nb = fb_display[fg_console].var.yres * info->fix.line_length;
+ par = (struct atyfb_par *) info->par;
+ nb = info->var.yres * info->fix.line_length;
                 switch (when) {
                 case PBOOK_SLEEP_REQUEST:
@@ -1439,7 +1431,7 @@
                         if (par->blitter_may_be_busy)
                         /* Stop accel engine (stop bus mastering) */
- if (par->accel_flags & FB_ACCELF_TEXT)
+ if (info->var.accel_flags & FB_ACCELF_TEXT)
                         /* Backup fb content */
@@ -1844,14 +1836,6 @@
                             (&var, info, mode_option, 8))
                                 var = default_var;
                 } else {
- if (default_vmode == VMODE_NVRAM) {
- default_vmode = nvram_read_byte(NV_VMODE);
- if (default_vmode <= 0
- || default_vmode > VMODE_MAX)
- default_vmode = VMODE_CHOOSE;
- }
                         if (default_vmode == VMODE_CHOOSE) {
                                 if (M64_HAS(G3_PB_1024x768))
                                         /* G3 PowerBook with 1024x768 LCD */
@@ -1873,10 +1857,6 @@
                         if (default_vmode <= 0
                             || default_vmode > VMODE_MAX)
                                 default_vmode = VMODE_640_480_60;
- if (default_cmode == CMODE_NVRAM)
- default_cmode = nvram_read_byte(NV_CMODE);
                         if (default_cmode < CMODE_8
                             || default_cmode > CMODE_32)
                                 default_cmode = CMODE_8;
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