Patch reversion needed too for -ac and 2.5.x

From: DervishD (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 17:25:53 EST

    Hi David :)

    I understand why you suggested the reversion, and, unfortunately,
the MM code is plagued by bad usage of the PAGE_ALIGN macro. This
macro fails for aligning a *size* when this size is larger than

    Anyway, if you want the patch reverted, tell too to Alan Cox and
Linus, because their branches have this patch applied and well,
although I think that the patch does no harm, really the solution is
to write a new macro for aligning sizes, not addresses, and this is a
very big change that surely won't be accepted.

    Tell Alan and Linus for having the patch reverted for their trees
if you feel like that. Do you think that a new macro will solve the
corner case without doing nothing on 'big TASK_SIZE' archs? If you
think so, I can provide with a macro and have it checked by you :)

    Don't take it bad, Dave ;) It's just that althoug my solution was
not perfect, certainly is best than what we have now ;)

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