RAID5 chunksize?

From: Robert L. Harris (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 10:23:30 EST

Ok, say I'm building a 4 disk raid5 array. Performance is going to be
critical as this system is going to be very IO intensive. We had to go
RAID5 though due to filesystem requirements.

According to the manufacturer the disks have:

  8Meg DataBuffer
  10K RPM Rotational speed
  SCSI Ultra 160

(Drive is:

What is the ideal Chunksize?

Also it's going to have a lot of pretty decent sized files (100Meg or
so average) so I was going to make it an ext3 with -T largefile and -M 1.

Any other thoughts on how to lay down the disks/filesystem on this


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