2.5.50-mjb2 (scalability / NUMA patchset)

From: Martin J. Bligh (mbligh@aracnet.com)
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 01:42:03 EST

Sorry, previous patch seemed to have some problems on non-NUMA boxen.
This one seems to work fine on a 4x machine at least ... next release
will have more substance ;-)


The patchset contains mainly scalability and NUMA stuff, and
anything else that stops things from irritating me. It's meant
to be pretty stable, not so much a testing ground for new stuff.
I'd be very interested in feedback from other people running
large SMP or NUMA boxes.


Since 2.5.50-mjb1

Returned from the dead:
+ dcache_rcu Dipankar Sarma

Gone to renegotiate with it's maker (seems to cause problems on standard
- numaq_makefile Martin Bligh
- numaq_apic James Cleverdon / Martin Bligh
- numaq_mpparse1 James Cleverdon / Martin Bligh

Speed up page init on boot (Bill Irwin)
Notsc automatic enablement
Move more of NUMA-Q to subarch (James C / Martin / John)
Full Summit support (James C / John)
RCU routecache (?)
Per-cpu interrupt stacks (bcrl / Dave)
4K Kernel stacks config option (Dave)
scheduler callers profiling (Anton)
PPC64 NUMA patches (Anton)
/proc/meminfo.numa (Me and others).

kgdb Various People
        The older version of kgdb, not the shiny new stuff in Andrew's tree.
        Yes, I'm boring and slow.

rcu_stats Dipankar Sarma
        Gives rcu statistics

i386_topo Matt Dobson
        Some i386 topology cleanups to make it cache the data.

use_generic_topo Matt Dobson
        Something to do with tolopology that I forget.

numasched1 Erich Focht
        Numa scheduler general foundation work + pooling

numasched2 Michael Hohnbaum
        Numa scheduler lightweight initial load balancing.

local_pgdat Bill Irwin
        Move the pgdat structure into the remapped space with lmem_map

early_printk Dave Hansen et al.
        Allow printk before console_init

frameptr Martin Bligh
        Disable -fomit_frame_pointer

confighz Dave Hansen
        Make HZ a config option

devclass_panic Bill Irwin
        Reorder sysfs init for topo to avoid panic

shpte Dave McCracken
        Shared pagetables (as a config option)

subarch reorg John Stultz
        Move the header files for subarch under include/asm-i386

config_page_offset Dave Hansen / Andrea
        Make PAGE_OFFSET a config option

vmalloc_stats Dave Hansen
        Expose useful vmalloc statistics

notsc Martin Bligh
        Enable notsc option for NUMA-Q (new version for new config system)

        Use RCU type locking for the dentry cache.

mjb2 Martin Bligh
        Add a tag to the makefile

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