how do you successful compile or install 2.5.50?

From: eric lin (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 08:30:54 EST

Dear Valdis:

   I also download from 2.5.50, it have error at make modules
or make install

   after I downloan another patch-ac1 or mm1, and patch it with 2.5.50,
recompile(I mean make modules or make install) it still have error, (I
ever email the author)

   I just wonder how do you successful compile or install that 2.5.50?
do you meet error at make modules? if yes, how do you do ?(modify by
yourself or postto author or public waiting for reply?)

   highly appreciate your experience on compile or install new kernel
especailly experiamental kernel

sincere ERic
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