Adaptec 2940 not working on 2.5.50

From: David Lang (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 16:33:40 EST

after watching from the sidelines for a while I finally had some time to
try the 2.5 kernels over the weekend.

unfortunantly I was unable to build a kernel that will work for me.

the system is a K6-3 400 with several IDE drives and a SCSI drive hooked
to an adaptec 2940. LILO and the boot kernels are on IDE, but the linux
root filesystem is on the SCSI drive

I compile the kernel without a problem, but when it boots it generates
several screens of errors as it attempts to initialize the SCSI buss.
unfortunantly I don't have a serial console on that box so I haven't been
able to capture the messages (I can't capture dmesg becouse the system
never finds the drive and so can't complete the boot)

I have verbose errors turned on, and have attempted both the old and the
new drivers with the same results.

this system ran 2.4.0 up until about two months ago when I upgraded to
2.4.18 and has had no problems.

a quick google search has not found any posts about this, although
2.5.50-ac1 has a fix for this driver (doesn't sound like quite the same
problem though)

suggestions? additional info required?

David Lang
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