Re: [PATCH] Re: pc_keyb.c #define kbd_controller_present()

From: Bjorn Helgaas (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 16:29:35 EST

You should only need this:

+#define kbd_controller_present() 0

I think the following hunk should be superfluous:

 #define kbd_read_input() inb(KBD_DATA_REG)
 #define kbd_read_status() inb(KBD_STATUS_REG)
 #define kbd_write_output(val) outb(val, KBD_DATA_REG)
 #define kbd_write_command(val) outb(val, KBD_CNTL_REG)
+#define kbd_read_input() 0
+#define kbd_read_status() 0
+#define kbd_write_output(val)
+#define kbd_write_command(val)

Or is there some case where pc_keyb will use kbd_read_input() and
friends even if kbd_controller_present() is false?

We have the equivalent of the first hunk in asm-ia64/keyboard.h, and
the kbd_controller_present() hook should be used consistently to
avoid breakage. For example, if you include the second hunk, and
pc_keyb.c changes to use kbd_read_input() even when kbd_controller_present()
is false, i386 might still work but ia64 would break.


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