Re: HPT372 RAID controller

From: Samuel Flory (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 15:52:04 EST

Spacecake wrote:

>Thanks for the reply.
>So, i tried the ac patch and now it all works!
>Now all my harddisks are on this controller (CD-ROM and stuff are on the
>original one), i just want to make sure... this is a stable kernel,
>right? And the driver, it's... stable? :)
><frets over prospect of data loss>
  I've found the ac kernel to be fairly stable. Provided you don't
start selecting some of the new bleedin edge features. The only issues
I know with 2.4.20-ac1 were some DRI/AGP issues. I've got a new of
systems that are only stable with the ac series.

>In future i'll always try the ac kernel before asking people.
>Will this appear in 2.4.21?

  It will be merged at some point in the future. When is really up to
the 2.4 maintainer, and Alan. Currently the ac ide code works better
than the mainline 2.4 ide code for me. So I'm all for a merge;-)

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