irregular packet-loss with use of bonding on TG3

From: lao nightwolf (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 07:43:40 EST


We've been using bonding for the first time and are encountering packet-loss
using it.
We have installed RH 7.2 on Compaq DL360's with the Broadcom Tigon3 network
cards. We've tested the configuration internally and everything seemed to
work. Now when the platform came live last week we have irregular
packet-loss on all servers with bonding enabled. The servers were compiled
with kernel-2.4.19 patched with kernel-2.4.20pre11 patch (which contained
v1.1 of the tg3 drivers).
As I saw updates for this driver in the 2.4.20 kernel (v1.2, dated
14/11/2002), I upgraded all servers to latest stable kernel. But it didn't
fix our problem.
The two network interfaces of each server (7 in total) are connencted to 2
AD3 Alteons Switches (one interface to alteon1, the other interface to
We do NOT have any packet-loss to the alteons. If we look at the health
check log of the alteon we can see that even the alteon isn't always able to
contact the servers with bonding enabled.
Packet-loss to the servers differs from 1% to 50%.

Another curious thing:

>From our location we monitor two ping windows to 2 servers from the
platform. Ping times are constantly 18-19ms, with sometimes some

When we do logon onto these two servers and execute the 'ps waux' command
several times, we can see increase ping times drastically to 50-100ms!! It
also increases packet-loss! As I can conclude from this is, when traffic
rises to the servers packet-loss to those servers is also rising.

When we ping from the first to the second server (within the same platform)
we can see that packet-loss is also much higher, even 100% packet-loss for
some time (and connection loss to our SSH connection).

Hope someone can point us in the right direction. Could it have any affect
by enabling trunking on the alteon switches? Or has it something to do with
the linux tg3 driver?

Best Regards,

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