Re: [ACPI] Re: [2.5.50, ACPI] link error

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 06:01:11 EST


> > I think that s4bios is nice to have. Its similar to S3 and easier to
> > set up than swsusp... It would be nice to have it.
> for me:
> pros:
> -----
> 1- it is really really more easier to implement than S4;
> 2- we can even have it with 2.4 kernels (it seems that it work without
> the need of freezing processes, but I suspect that this statement
> is 'wrong' by nature).
> cons:
> -----
> 1- it is much slower (especially at save time) than your swsusp;
> 2- end users must setup their systems (need to create a suspend partition,
> or to keep a vfat partition as the really first one (/dev/hda1));
> 3- we use a bios function. Actually, everything can happen...
> That why I prefer swsusp at this time, or any other implementation of S4 (I
> think about an implementation of S4 via LKCD).

Yes I think swsusp is better (long term), but it might be worth it to
have S4bios, too. At least it has nice graphical task bars :-). Can
you push the patch, or is it okay for me to try to get it merged?


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