Re: [PATCH] set_cpus_allowed() for 2.4

From: Jim Houston (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 22:02:58 EST

Hi Everyone,

I ran into a lockup with the O(1) scheduler back in August and
exchanged email with Andrea. I tried a couple of his patches.
They prevented the lockup but it was still easy to have the
X server exiled to the inactive array for seconds at a time.
This got me started working on a patch to make the schedule
more fair.

I posted a patch archive here:

It fixes fairness but breaks nice(2). Rik van Riel has a
patch here which builds on my patch which fixes this:

I tested the combination of these patches with linux-2.5.48 and
it seems well behaved:-)

I found this problem with the LTP waitpid06 test. It actually
produced a live-lock. See this mail:

I have been distracted by Posix timers but I plan to get back
finish this.

Jim Houston - Concurrent Computer Corp.
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