Re: CPU cache problem

From: Dave Jones (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 12:38:16 EST

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 08:31:58PM -0800, Z F wrote:
> Hello everybody
> Sorry to bother you with such a question, but I have a
> Intel 1.7GHz Celeron processor with ASUS P4S533 motherboard.
> The problem I have is that cat /proc/cpuinfo reports that
> cache size : 20 KB
> As far as I know, the CPU has 128K L2 cache.
> The kernel version installed on my computer is 2.4.18.

This bug is fixed in Marcelo's current tree, fix will be in 2.4.20pre1
> I tried using cachesize=128 as a boot parameter, but it did not help.

Also a fix for a different bug where this gets used too late.


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