Linux 2.5.50-ac1

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 10:49:59 EST

*** I strongly recommend saying N to IDE TCQ options otherwise this
   should hopefully build and run happily.

This starts to clear the decks of pending 2.5.5x patches. It took a lot
of effort to get anything worth running out of 2.5.50 hence they delay.
A measurable chunk of these build fixes are already in (or came from)
Linus BK tree so .51 ought to be a lot better.

The new PnPBIOS code still has some problems so needs more work or removing.
For now most people probably want to turn pnpbios support off.

Linux 2.5.50-ac1
        Merge with Linus 2.5.50
o Merge next batch of DVB updates (Holger Waechtler)
o Merge first blocks of VISWS support (Andrey Panin)
o ALi IDE IRQ routing fixups (Ogawa Hirofumi)
o Fix hugetlbfs build (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Frther LSM updates (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Add __exit_p (Bill Irwin)
o Fix scx200_gpio build (me)
o PAS16 build fix with some gcc's (Paul)
o Fix fs/namei logic inversion bug (S L Baur)
o Fix ide build on m68k (Geet Uytterhoeven)
o Fix arm typo (David Woodhouse)
o I/O APIC finalise is int not void (Christoph Hellwig)
o MPU401 header fix
o Use short jump on semaphore failed path (Petr Vandrovec)
o Swsuspend updates (Pavel Machek)
o ACPI S3 updates (Pavel Machek)
o PnP updates (Adam Belay)
o IPMI drivers (Corey Minyard)
o eata_pio typo fix (Adrian Bunk)
o aic7xxx_asm failure fix (Bob Tracy)
o Allow binfmt_flat to use/avoid argv/envp ptrs (Miles Bader)
o ctc tty driver didnt use HZ (Christian Borntraeger)
o isdn_tty didnt use HZ (Christian Borntraeger)
o Alpha compile fix (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o Merge ikconfig for 2.5 (Khalid Aziz)
o Video4Linux updates (Gerd Knorr)
o Better APM printk warnings (Hiroshi Miura)
o Make some warnings clear that they did fixes (me)
o Further intermezzo updates (Randy Dunlap)
o Fix typo in kernel/printk.c (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o ARCnet updates for 2.5 (Roman Fietze)
o Assorted typo fixes (John Slee)
o Device mapper updates (Joe Thornber, Kevin Correy,
                                         Christoph Hellwig, Stefan Lauterbach
                                         Heinz Mauelshagen)
o ucLinux signal locking fix (Greg Ungerer)
o ucLinux vmscan.c ifdef fix (Greg Ungerer)
o Fix sb_ess warning due to missing include (Alex Riesen)
o Use kmap_atomic for NFS where we can (Chuck Lever)
o Speed up NFS dirty list handling (Chuck Lever)
o Clean up NFS req_offset handling (Chuck Lever)
o Improve TCP/RPC behaviour (Chuck Lever)
o Fix sign problem with bttv card ids (Petr Vandrovec)
o RPC timeout improvements (Chuck Lever)
o Add better checking for initial RPC timeouts (Chuck Lever)
o Better RPC error counters (Chuck Lever)
o Fix RPC debug oops (Chuck Lever)
o Optimise crc32 code and generate the table (Joakim Tjernlund,
        statically for early boot users Brian Murphy)
o Fix various OSS sound bits from other changes (me)

Linux 2.5.49-ac2
* Switch to maintainrs preferred vlsi_ir fix (Adrian Bunk)
o Fix SiS APIC building (me)
* IDE oops on error path fix (Andrew Morton)
o TF trace fix for x86 (Dave Jones)
* Division by zero fix in tiglusb (Randy Dunlap)
o Fixing missing header in kernel/sys.c (Adrian Bunk)
* Remove wrong ncpfs patch (Petr Vandrovec)
* Merge 2.5.49-uc0 MMUless updates (Greg Ungerer)
* Merge 2.5.49-uc0 v850 updates (Miles Bader)
o Don't export MMU only symbols for mmuless (Miles Bader)
o Add ability to handle prefixed symbols to (Miles Bader)
        new module system
* Update v850 code for new module system (Miles Bader)
o Merge ac97_codec fixes from 2.4 tree (me)
o Apply additional fix to codec name printer (Paul)
* Update OSS i810 audio driver to the 2.4 tree (me)
        | Adds i845, Nvidia MCP support
* Fix build with IDE disabled and pickier (Anton)
* Backport nm256 dell laptop crash fix (Dave Jones)
* Fix cmpxchg8b to use lock prefix as per 2.4 (Dave Jones)
* Backport 2.4 i2c security fixes (Dave Jones)
* Fix cardbus enable order (fixed some boxes (Dave Jones)
        failing cardbus stuff)
* Fix wrong check in serverworks IDE (me)

Linux 2.5.49-ac1
- Merge with Linus 2.5.49
* Fix qic02 build (me)
* Fix zftape build (me)
        | Module now doesnt try and remember state and refuse
        | to unload if it set it. May need thought
* Fix multiple gameport compile failures (me)
* Fix bttv build problem with 2.5.49 (me)
* Fix depca, ewrk3 breakages (me)
* Fix vlsi-ir breakage (me)
* Fix aironet4500 cs breakage in 2.5.49 (me)
* Fix t128 breakage (Andreas Steinmetz)
* Fix in2000 breakage (me)
* Fix missing interrupt.h in multiple scsi drivers(me)
* Fix eata-pio build (me)
* Fix wanrouter build (me)
* Fix pnp boot ordering stuff again (me)
o Fix oops on NUMA boxes (Matthew Dobson)
o Fix serial double init (Russell King)
* Clean up pdc202xx_tune driver wrappers (Thierry Vignaud)
* Kill unused dma_verbose in new pdc202xx (Thierry Vignaud)
* Fix a couple of bits of unreadable pdc202xx code(Thierry Vignaud)
o Fix 2.5.49 build with CONFIG_NET = n (Miles Bader)
o Intermezzo build fixes (Randy Dunlap)
* Watchdog driver fixes (Wim Van Sebroeck)
* Update mousedrivers doc to kill of (Chris Wilson)
        check_region and note misc_register can fail
* Fix misspellings of exception (Adrian Bunk)
o Add VT support requirement for INPUT = y (Rusty Lynch)
* pcnet_cs timer fix (Andrew Morton)
* IDE fixup for what seems to be an ACPI bug (Ogawa Hirofumi)
o Add linux streams syscall register support (Dave Groethe)
* SCx200 wdt driver fixes on failure paths (Chris Wilson)
* Remove dead swsuspend defines (Geert Uytterhoeven)
* Fix ide_outsl return (Russell King)
* Remove now redundant acorn ide init calls (Russell King)
* I2O_CMD_UTIL_EVT_REGISTER has no status (Rick Richardson)
* Fix incorrect MCE handling for SMP and 1 cpu (Venkatesh Pallipadi)
o Update megaraid to megaraid 2.0 (Atul Mukker, Matt Domsch)
* Fix 64bit boot crash in do_mounts (Ralf Baechle)
* Fix swapoff crash when called (Dave Miller)

Linux 2.5.47-ac7
o Add workarounds for SiS io-apic bug (me)
* Fix and turn on new style ide blacklists (me)
* Add the VIA KT400 AGP bridge (Nicolas Mailhot)
o Signal delivery optimisation (Andrew Morton)
* Fix oops when ipv6 gets unknown packet type (YOSHIFUJI Hideaki)
* NBD driver updates (James Bottomley)
* Fix file paths in the OSS help texts (Adrian Bunk)
* Update saa7185 to new style i2c (Frank Davies)
* Update sa7111 to new style i2c (Frank Davies)
* Don't trust rq->cmd_len in ide-cd (Jens Axboe)
o Add console_initcall and remove a ton of cruft (David Woodhouse)
o Fix mk712 drivers (Lee Nash)
* Fix ALSA cs4281 suspend/resume (Margit Schubert-While)

Linux 2.5.47-ac6
* Move isapnp to device_init (me)
        | This is needed so pci init runs first and can mark
        | areas reserved before PnP stomps on them blindly
        | Closes #41
* Reserve 0x3d3 on the ATI chipset (me)
        | These two fix isapnp on the Presario 900 at least
o Merge voyager updates and timer cleanup (James Bottomley)
o Fix up percpu ksym handling (Randy Dunlap)
        | Closes #22
* Fix pcmcia to use new pci_ API (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
        | Closes #56
* MPT fusion small fixes (Pam Delaney)
o Fix raw.c not working as a module (Bob Miller)
* Split the ide pci helpers further to allow (me)
        for non standard chip setups
* Add a vdma field so drivers can issue PIO (me)
        commands in DMA mode
        | Needed for chips that do DMA for PIO modes
* Fix oops on pnp boot (me)
* Fix ultrastor SCSI module non load (me)
* Add an experimental Cyrix 5510/5520 driver (me)
* Hopefully fix remaining IDE NULL pointer oops (me)
        | Closes #33
* Update dma_scc to use new style locking (me)
* Update sealevel and hostess_sv11 to new locks (me)

Linux 2.5.47-ac5
* Add the OSDL DAC960 driver work (Dave Olien)
o Fix pci_ids typo (Osamu Tomita)
o Update floppy98 driver (Osamu Tomita)
o Update the boot98 code (Osamu Tomita)
* Fix sd warning (William Irwin III)
* Fix a small menuconfig glitch (Petr Baudis)
o Fix missing ptrace helper export (Olaf Dietsche)
o Add PC98 input driver for keyboard (Osamu Tomita)
o Add PC98 low level keyboard/mouse drivers (Osamu Tomita)
o Add PC98 old style printer port support (Kousuke Takai)
o Add NEC CBUS to the isa dma quirks (Osamu Tomita)
o PC9800 serial ports are in different spots (Osamu Tomita)
o First parts of the PC98 bus APIC stuff (Osamu Tomita)

Linux 2.5.47-ac4
* Optimise Geode processor settings/oostore (Hiroshi Miura)
* Geode bridge optimisation quirk (Christer Weinigel)
* Don't use ALI IDE driver with ATI RadeonIGP (me)
        | At least until we know how it supposed to be done
* Reserve 0x3b0-0x3bb to stop MCE on boot with
        RadeonIGP (me)
- Switch to Linus version of the DOS fix (Linus Torvalds)

Linux 2.5.47-ac3
o Update the DriverFixers company list (me)
* Fix the NT|TF DoS bug (Petr Vandrovec)
* Remove dead IDE power management code (Pavel Machek)
* Use sysfs for IDE power management (Pavel Machek)
o Add extra rtc config rules (Tom Rini)
* All IDE speedproc calls now go via the function (me)
        | Will let us eliminate many ifdefs
* Kill AMD override option. You can already use (me)
        the ata66 option for this
* Clean up ifdefs in PCI drivers further (me)
* IDE DMA is now just a configuration detail (me)
* Clean up ide floppy debug ifs (me)
* Update roadrunner driver to new PCI API (Jes Sorensen)
* Fix ncpfs timer init (Andrew Morton)
* Fix multiple timer inits in sound drivers (Andrew Morton)
* Fix acorn, atm, bluetooth fc4, synclink, ide_cs (Andrew Morton)
* Fix smc9192 timer and mcast timer (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix missing mcheck_init symbol (Dave Jones)
* Fix I/O errors on loop driver (Hugh Dickins)
- Drop rest of random no-mmu escapee bits (me)

Linux 2.5.47-ac2
- Pull remaining nommu mm oddments (me)
        | With the final merge actively being worked on stale oddments in
        | the -ac tree dont actually help anyone
* Add more documentation to ide.c (me)
        | Pavel hopefully that'll help get the pm handling right
* Comment more bits of ide-io.c (me)
* Update mpt fusion driver (Pam Delaney)
* Remove Alan's ugly device mapper hack (me)
* Move vmalloc into the dm codebase (Joe Thornber)
* Switch dm to set_disk_ro (Al Viro)
* Use bit lists to keep track of minors (Joe Thornber)
* Fix device mapper devfs control bits (Joe Thornber)
* Remove dm use of compactmac.h (Joe Thornber)
* Latest and greatest Intel ACPI code (Andrew Grover)
* Fix i2o error in misc_register error check (Michael Still)
* DVB cleanup and updates plus two new front ends (Holger Waechtler)

Linux 2.5.47-ac1
* Fix ARP seq_file support (Arnaldo Carvalho de
* Fix ipt_TCPMSS (Felipe Damasio)
* Fix SX detect logic (Rogier Wolff)
o ATM printk quieten (Paul Komkoff)
* Switch ips scsi driver to request_region (Marcus Alanen)
* scsi scsi_register failure handler (Michael Still)
o Fix head.S comment (Pavel Machek)
* Fix missing bttv header update (Brendan Burns)
+ Add Zwane Mwaikambo to CREDITS (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix SETTRIGGER mishandling in i810 audio (Paul Stewart)
* Fix aacraid build (Mark Haverkamp)
* Update the magic number table in the docs (Petr Baudis)
* Fix serverworks IDE mode reporting (Julian Blake)
+ bitops.h leaves "ADDR" defined (Denis Vlasenko)
* Forward port ide_cs locking fixups from 2.4 (me)
* The NS SCx200 IDE driver (Mark Lord)
* Split ide.c into ide-io.c and ide.c (me)
o Fix bttv uninitialized timer (Andrew Morton)
* Make the IDE argument names saner for iops (Geert Uytterhoeven)
* Improve longhaul support for earlier VIA (Dave Jones)
* Add missing jfs acl file (Dave Kleikamp)
* Fix cs46xx compile (Chris Friesen)
* Further eata/u14-34f updates (Dario Ballabio)
- Merge all the megaraid changes together (Matt Domsch)
o Quota locking fixes (Jan Kara)

Linux 2.5.46-ac1
- Merge Linux 2.4.46
* Fix binutils objcopy fail (Kai Germaschewski)
* Remove old soundmodem driver (now userspace) (Thomas Sailer)

Linux 2.5.45-ac1
- Merge Linux 2.5.45
        - ISDN diversion no longer builds (didnt work anyway)
        - NFSv4 no longer builds
* Put MAINTAINERS back in order (me)
* Revert dangerous looking ncr53c8xx change (me)
* Revert dangerous looking sym53c8xx change (me)
* Revert dangerous looking inia100 changes (me)
* Revert dangerous looking ql1280 changes (me)
* Fix Qt check (Roman Zippel)
* Initial move of megaraid to new eh (me)
* Fix megaraid sleep/wakeup races (me)
* Remove various bits of megaraid 2.0/2.2 stuff (me)
* Fix build of ipmr (Adam J Richter)
* Fix cpqfc asm (me)
* Fix sbp2 build (me)
* Fix mpt fusion build (me)
* Fix i2o_scsi build (me)
* Minimal new_eh/locking fixes for ultrastor.c (me)
* Correct NCR5380 locking again (me)
        | Eventually I'll get it all right !
* Make i2o_scsi more polite about error recovery (me)
* Update eata_pio to new_eh and also clean up (me)
        the scsi comamnd direction handling
* Fix fd_mcs compile (me)
* Fix u14f/34f compile (me)
* Move ibmmca to new_eh basic bits (me)
* Fix eata build (me)
* Switch inia100 to new_eh (me)
* Fix nsp_cs build (me)
o Disable PnPBIOS on Gateway 5300 (me)
* PMTU build fixes (Adam J Richter)

Linux 2.5.44-ac6 (not released generally)
* Don't take locks on polled NCR5380 (me)
        | The 5380 actually works better polled than
        | IRQ for the moment
* Use longer delays on 3c509 eeprom (Zwane Mwaikambo)
        | and switch to mdelay as per Jeff Garzik moan
* Update ips scsi driver to new queue logic (David Jeffery)
* Fix scsi proc oops (Mike Anderson)
* Updae eata and u14-34f drivers (Dario Ballabino)
o Kill off old style cache flush functions (David Miller)
o Kill obsolete bridge help texts (Bert Hubert)
* Ensure IDE structures are fully setup on non (Peter Denison)
        PCI boxes
* Fix non PCI ide initialization order (Peter Denison)
o Add boot98 from PC98 patches (Osamu Tomita)
o Add upd4990a driver for PC98 (Osamu Tomita)
o Add gdc PC98 console driver (Osamu Tomita)
* Add pci idents from PC98 patches (Osamu Tomita)
o Add a mach-defaults to clean up mach includes (me)
        on x86
o Merge first pieces of PC98 arch support (Osamu Tomita)
        | I/O ports, reboot is now per machine
        | FPU IRQ need not be IRQ 13
        | Redid vm86 irq rules as mach-*.h stuff
        | and yes Im sure it broke voyager
o Add floppy98 driver (Osamu Tomita)
o Fix module symbol problems for apm, x.25, (me)
        stack check debugging
- Make xconfig fix (Adrian Bunk)
- Fix proc/ksyms double init (Randy Dunlap)
* Fix gcc 3.3 compile fail on alpha (Thorsten Kranzkowski)
* Fix silly error in ibmlana fixes (me)

Linux 2.5.44-ac5
o Fix a possible corruption under load (Andrew Morton)
* Fix a possible PPA oops (me)
* Same fix for IMM (me)
* Fix build without MCE support (Dave Jones)
* Move NCR5380 to workqueue, more locking fixes (me)
* Further NCR5380 cleanup, g_NCR5380 build fix (me)
* Bring dtc driver back inline with NCR5380 (me)
        | TODO: flush workqueue before NCR5380 module unload
* Fix undefined C in se401 driver (me)
* Fix the rest of the APM compile bugs I hope (me)
o Work around makefile breakages for pcmcia scsi (me)
        | Will whoever broke vpath please fix it properly
* Make nsp_cs build with gcc 3.2 (me)
* Clean up tpqic02 for 2.5 (me)
* Update de620 to new style locking (me)
* Add pci mapping to i2o_block (me)
        | Untested
* Add pci mapping to i2o_scsi (me)
        | Untested
* Fix cpufreq for coppermine processors (Dominik Brodowski)
o Add an optional IOMMU debug to help x86 people (Andi Kleen)
        find buggy pci_map code
* Forward port 2.4 PCI methods fix (Jim Radford)
* Next set of ucLinux merge work (Christoph Hellwig)
* Use TEST_UNIT_READY for media change probe (Matthew Dharm)
* Remove last existing direct references to pci (Adam J Richter)
        driver private data
o Use faster page coping function (Manfred Spraul)
* Update ah1740 to new locks, malloc (me)
* Update fd_mcs driver to new sg lists, locks (me)
        and eh handling. Needs direction bits doing
* Update NCR53c406a to new eh, locking etc (me)
* Minimal locking fixes for eata_pio (me)
        | Still needs lots doing (eg direction handling)
* Fixed 3ware scsi build (me)
* Update cops driver to new locking (me)
* Update 3c515 driver to new locking (me)
* Update ibm lana driver to 2.5, remove compat (me)
* Fix missing bits from the cdrom eject patch (Jens Axboe)
* Further cpia fixes (Duncan Haldane)
* Fix a wrong usb storage error code (Matthew Dharm)
- Update USB storage to new scatter gather (Matthew Dharm)
* Fix ext3 crash failing to set block size (Angus Sawyer)
* ieee1394 memcpy warning fix (me)
* Update 3c589 driver for new locking (me)
* Fix trident sound driver printk format bugs (me)

Linux 2.5.44-ac4
* Add 2.4.20-ac style /proc for ht info (Robert Love)
* Fix bd_blocksize setting case (Hugh Dickins)
* PCI bus setup now __devinit for hotplug (Ivan Kokshaysky)
- make xconfig should work again (Alex Riesen)
* Merge uclinux resync. This is now way cleaner (Christoph Hellwig)
* Update znet driver (Marc Zyngier)
* More i2o_scsi tidying (Christoph Hellwig)
* Fix a leak in the device mapper (Joe Thornber)
* Fix missed section name change (Peter Chubb)
* Fix a bug in the APM update, add comments (me)
* Merge block layer changes (Jens Axboe)
        | Should fix eject panic
* Fix warnings in baycom_epp (me)
* Fix warnings in fmvj18x, and timer_sync bug (me)
* Fix sim710 warnings (me)
* Fix pas16/t128 warnings (me)
* Allow both mmio and pio g_NCR5380 builds at once(me)
* Remove unused code from axnet_cs (me)
* Fix warning in pc300 driver (me)
* Clean up qlogicfas drivers somewhat (me)
* Fix megaraid build for pci bios changes (me)
o Fix cpu count weird reporting (Dave Jones)
o Clean up capabilities printing (Dave Jones)
* Silence mtrr debugging printk (Dave Jones)
* Split machine check per processor (Dave Jones)
- Update mpt fusion for new slave_attach handling (Peter Chubb)
o Initial speedstep testing for VIA chipset boards(Bob Renwick)

Linux 2.5.44-ac3
o Update the cciss driver (Stephen Cameron)
* Fix seagate st02 unload (me)
* Fix missing \n in i810 driver (me)
* Update Ninja SCSI PCMCIA driver (Yokota Hiroshi)
* Clean up and kill off scsi_merge (Christoph Hellwig)
o Remove niceness magic numbers (Randy Dunlap)
* Update EDD support (Matt Domsch)
o Update voyager support for IRQ stacks (James Bottomley)
- Revert do_mounts change
* Better fix for raw.c headers (Bjoern Zeeb)
* Fix ehci enumeration breakage (David Brownell)
* Update adv7175 to new style i2c (Frank Davis)
* PnP updates (Adam Belay)
* PnP conversion of CS423x to new code (Adam Belay)
* Fix APM BUG() on SMP boxes, port forward 2.4 (me)
* Update other Digi URLS (me)

Linux 2.5.44-ac2
o Merge interrupt stack support for x86 (David Hansen,
                                                         Ben LaHaise)
* Update ACPI to the latest released patch (Andrew Grover,
        | Should fix the compaq problems Ducrot Bruno, Pavel Machek)
X Kill old STATIC define in do_mounts (Frank Davis)
* Port NCR5380 to the latest kernel changes (me)
* Update Digi EPCA maintainer info (Scott Kilau)
* Update LVM2 device mapper (Joe Thornber, Christoph Hellwig)
* EATA updates (Dario Ballabio)
* Fix remaining depca ioctl bug (Peter Denison)
* Make cifs error invalid addresses nicely (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix cifs oops on kmalloc failure (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Propogate return value on cifs connect (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* cifs locking changes (Zwane Mwaikambo)
* Fix cifs oops with invalid unc (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o Resync voyager architecture support (James Bottomley)
o Spot synaptics touchpad so we dont confuse it (David Woodhouse)
o Quieten bttv debugging a bit (Bongani)
* Rip out lots of the left over pcibios_ stuff (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Fix reiserfs build (Steven Cole)
* Further cpia driver updates (Duncan Haldane)
* Kill tqueue.h in various other files (Martin Waitz)
* Update IRDA maintainer data (Pawel Kot)
* Add in missing read_barrier_depends for sparc (Dipankar Sarma)
* Make afs compile with older gcc (Jan Marek)
* 2.5.44 UML updates (Jeff Dike)
o Fix kmap bugs in fs/exec.c for upgrowing (Marcus Alanen)
* Add ethtool support to ewrk3 (Adam Kropelin)
* Fix up cli/sti use in ewrk3 (Denis Vlasenko)
* ewrk3 ioctl fixes (Adam Kropelin)
* Cleanup ewrk3 signature code (Adam Kropelin)
* Fix task state reporting (Daniel Jacobowitz)
* Handle casio fiva weirdness with APM extents (Hiroshi Miura)
o Add Geode target that defines OOSTORE (Hiroshi Miura, me)
* Remove dodgy_tsc handling code (Hiroshi Miura)
* Update problem PIT handling on 5510/5520 (Hiroshi Miura)
        Cyrix devices, re-enable TSC on it
* Use outb_p on CTC load up (Hiroshi Miura)
* Mark ide floppies as removable devices (Paul Bristow)
* Fix sym53c416 IRQ release problem (me)
* Update sym53c416 to new EH code (me)
* Fix subtractive decoding bridge handling (Ivan Kokshaysky)
* Fix wan driver build problems (Krzysztof Halasa)
o Allow for >32 signals on some platforms (Matthew Wilcox)

Linux 2.5.44-ac1
- Resync with Linus 2.5.43/44
* Fix net/ipv4/raw.c build problem (me)
* Fix bluetooth pcmcia builds (me)
* Fix dm includes (me)
        | I've not merged any of the DM updates yet
* Fix 3c515, fealnx printk type warnings (me)
* Fix multi-line string literal in olympic driver (me)
* Fix printk type warnings in tulip (me)
* Document core naming sysctl (Randy Dunlap)
* Fix hd_struct size/offset bugs (Mark Lord)
* Further sym53c416 updates (Bjoern Zeeb)
* Fix ramdisk cache flush (Paul Mundt)
- Fix pnp for make Xconfig (Roman Zippel)
* Correct ncpfs marking of executables (Petr Vandrovec)
* Small matroxfb fixes (Petr Vandrovec)
* Small cleanups for i2o_block so Al can clean (Al Viro)
        up the core block code
* Fix hang at shutdown with offlined disk (Mike Anderson)
* Fix error reporting on scsi offline (Mike Anderson)
* Fix hang on power off with scsi (Mike Anderson)
* Fix typo in pnp.h (Martin Dahl)
* Remove tqueue.h from cycx_main (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix vlsi irda compile (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix hamradio makefile breakage (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix inia100 build (John Fort)
* Fix AX.25 build for ip_proc (Dave Miller)
* Fix aic7xxx Makefile (Inaky Perez-Gonzalez)
* Fix vga16fb (Ben Pfaff)
o Optimise spinlock to Intel recommendation (Manfred Spraul)
* Fix pipe wakeup bug (Manfred Spraul)
o Fix semop 32bit pid handling (Manfred Spraul)
* Fix qlogic1280 build (Jens Axboe)
* Merge BeOS fs (already in 2.4) (Will Dyson,
                                                         Sergey Kostyliov)
* Clean up wan ioctl structures (Krzysztof Halasa)
* Some trident audio takes a long time to (Kenneth Sumrall)
        come up (Hitachi webpad)
* Add DVB api and core (Holger Waechtler)
* Add one DVB driver so people can see how it (Holger Waechtler)
        all fits together
        | This wants further review. There are known things to do yet
        | but its important to get the stuff in since Digital TV is
        | becoming the norm in western europe.
- Print something clueful if menuconfig explodes (Russell King)
o Move BUG() into asm/bug.h (Russell King)
o Report errors unzipping ramdisks (Russell King)
* Support extra weird numeric key on ARM boxes (Russell King)
* Fix missing devexit_p in tulip (Andrey Panin)
* Kill sr_host (Patrick Mansfield)
* S/390 Makefile and Config updates (Martin Scwidefsky)
* S/390 user access fixes (Martin Scwidefsky)
* 31bit emulation fixes for S/390 (Martin Scwidefsky)
* Make S/390 possible cpu map volatile (Martin Scwidefsky)
o Update dasd drivers for S/390 series (Martin Scwidefsky)
* Update ver_linux (Steven Cole)
* Fix blk ioctls on aacraid (Mark Haverkamp)
* Fix SiS IDE build without procfs (Lionel Bouton)
* i386 verify write fixes (Brian Gerst)
* iphase ATM updates (Francois Romieu)
* Update i810-tco to C99 initializers (Wim Van Sebroeck)
* IDE updates for ARM platform (Russell King)
* Fix megaraid build (Mike Anderson)
        | This may change the device order for some folks but it works
        | at least
* Fix in2000 to handle scsi host list change (me)
* Fix ncr53c8xx build (me)
* Fix atp870u build (me)
* Fix nsp32 build (me)
* Fix firewire prototypes (me)

Linux 2.5.42-ac1
        Merge with Linus 2.5.42
* Merge the LVM2 device mapper (Joe Thornber)
- Drop uid16 S/390 bits pending resolution (me)
* Fix iphase build (Adrian Bunk)
* Fix UML build (Kai Germaschewski)
* Fix cpufreq compile (Adrian Bunk)
* Move dead verify_area code from sh port (Brian Gerst)
* Fix missing AIO symbols (Ben LaHaise)
* Fix ATM makefile (Sam Ravnborg)
* Fix esp build (Andres Salmon)
* Fix cifs/jfs symbol name collision (Steve F)
* Update CPIA to match 2.4 tree (Duncan Haldane)
* Fix cifs 64bit and cifs scsi name collision (Steve F)
* Fix a compile of missing sysrq updates (James Simmons)
* Fix sparc timer build (Pete Zaitcev)
* Fix comile without networking (Miles Bader)
* Remove some left over _ret functions (SL Baur)
* Update syncppp code (Paul Fulghum)
* Fix n_hdlc leak (Paul Fulghum)
* Make synclink_cs build again (Paul Fulghum)
* Make synclinkmp build again (Paul Fulghum)
* Make synclink build again (Paul Fulghum)
* Fix NFS symbols for NFS as a module (Olaf Dietsche)
* Fix problem with scsidriver docbook (Joaquim Fellmann)
* Kill dead suspend code in IDE (Pavel Machek)
* Kill unreferenced workqueue define (Pavel Machek)
* Fix swsuspend with discontiguous memory bits (Pavel Machek)
* Fix cpqfc ioctl sense buffer handling (Francis Wiran)
* Sym53c416 from cli to real locking (Bjoern Zeeb)
* Fix a case where sd uses freed memory (Patrick Mansfield)
* Fix p4-clockmod on HT processors (Dominic Brodowski)
* CPUfreq interface update (Dominic Brodowski)
* Fix eicon build (me)
* Restore disconnect field in devices for (me)
        driver use

Linux 2.5.41-ac2
* Fix jffs/jffs2 properly this time (bpbb) (me)
* Fix jffs2 for workqueues (me)
* Next set of i2o_scsi update work (me)
* Do the 2.5 checkup pass on the 3c501 driver (me)
o Add missing exports for file system modules (Nikita Danilov)
        on UML
* Fix ipx proc permission bogosity (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
* Switch appletalk spinlocks to rwlocks (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
* Correct sys_getpid docs (Robert Love)
* SubmittingPatches indent fix (John Levon)
* cciss, cpqarray. rd. hd fixes (Al Viro)
* Fix cpia with gcc 3.2 (Randy Dunlap)
* Use C99 structure initializers in IDE (Art Haas)
* Use C99 structure initializers in HFS (Art Haas)
* Update DMI scanner (Jean Delvare)
* Fix bogus types in ide-cd.h (Skip Ford)
* ns83820 updates (Ben LaHaise)
* AIO updates (Ben LaHaise)
* Beeping and sysrq on m68k (Vojtech Pavlik)
* Improve hid naming (Vojtech Pavlik)
* LSM docs (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Merge UML updates (Jeff Dike)
* Final superblock union cleanup (Brian Gerst)
- Fix atm build/makefile breakage (Adrian Bunk)
* Brlock optimisation (Robert Love)
* Miscellaneous USB updates (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* MPT Fusion update (Pam Delaney)
- Back out sched.c change - seem,s to cause hangs (me)
* Serial compile fix (Russell King)
* S/390 compile fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
* S/390 workqueue updates (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Switch 3215/3270 from work queue to tasklet (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Update S/390 link scripts (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Remove duplicate S/390 memset (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Fix S/390 syscall tracing (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Multiple 3270 fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Configurable core names (Jes Rahbek Klinke)
X Clean up s/390x 16bit uid calls (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Fix EH locking on NCR5380 (me)
        | Should now work on SMP boxes (badly admittedly)
* Indent wd7000 (no code changes) (me)
* First pass at the in2000 scsi driver (me)
        | New locking, new_eh, address conversion

Linux 2.5.41-ac1
- Merge with Linus 2.5.41
        - Drop S/390 drivers subtree for Linus
        - Drop task queue fixes for schedule_work
        - TODO: merge two sets of conflicting UML changes
        - TODO: double check bluetooth merge
* Fix aacraid makefile (Mark Haverkamp)
* Fix ips compile (Paul Larson)
* Fix aha152x compile (Michel Eyckmans)
* Fix orinoco_cs compile (Wichert Akkerman, Martin Waitz)
* Fix i2o_core compiler (Gregoire Favre)
* Fix missing exports for netfilter
* Fix compile failure in jffs (me)
* Fix compile failure in jffs2 (me)
* Fix Divas_Mod compile (me)
* Fix hisax compile (me)
* Fix ipacx compile (me)
* Fix pcbit compile (me)
* Fix tpam compile (me)
* Fix i2o_lan build (me)
* Fix i2o_proc build (me)
* Fix ppa compile (me)
* Fix imm compile (me)
* Fix ipv6 compile (me)

Linux 2.5.40-ac6
* Cadet_wake can be static (me)
* Bluetooth configuration cleanups (Marcel Holtmann)
* Hardwired empty bar handling fix take two (Ivan Kokshaysky)
* Use kernel crc32 lib for bluetooth (Marcel Holtmann)
* Make scsi cdrom honour passed timeouts (Peter Osterlund)
* Make aironet4500_cs compile (me)
* Fix bugs where ibmtr unmapped the wrong address (me)
* Fix crash problem in oss dmabuf.c (me)
        | Its still very broken but ALSA should replace it
* Fix opl3sa2 warnings (me)
* Make tcic compile again (me)
* Make i82365 also use del_timer_sync (me)
* Fix warnings in fpu emulator (me)
* Fix t128 for NCR5380 changes (me)
* Fix pas16 for NCR5380 changes (me)
* Fix dmx3191 for NCR538 changes (me)
* First pass seagate st02 cleanups (me)
* Clean up de600 driver. Switch to spinlocks (me)
        remove crud, formatting junk etc
        | Still needs rewriting to use parport
* Remove extra unlock in wd7000 (Matthew Wilcox)
* First basic pass at qlogicgas (me)
* Clean up the fdomain isa scsi (me)
* Clean up max_thread setting limits (Matthew Wilcox)
* Ricoh cardbus performance fix (KOMURO)
* Switch appletalk to seq_file /proc (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
* Switch X.25 to seq_file (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
* Fix bugs in the above (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)

Linux 2.5.40-ac5
* Rework S/390 driver init sequences (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Swap immediate_bh for tasklets for s/390 3215 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* UML updates - crash fixes, driver cleanup (Jeff Dike)
        pcap transport
* Switch fmi radio card to sleeping waits (me)
* Fixing missing printk \n in fmi radio (me)
* Update to newer uclinux patch (Greg Ungerer)
        | Unresolved now:
        | fs/exec.c kernel/fork.c procfs sysctl
        | can nommu be folded in (Hch)
* Remove surplus irq_disable from mpt fusion (Carlos Gorges)
* Export gdt for APM (Carlos Gorges)
        | Marked as _GPL because its deep internals stuff
* Merge the add/put disk gendisk changes for i2o (Al Viro)
* Switch NCR5380/g_NCR5380 to new_eh (me)
* Fix cs89x0 netdevice init as module (me)
* Change some of the wd7000 code to use
        udelay and do other cleanups
* Switch wd7000 to new_eh (me)
* Serial driver updates (Russell King)
* Sync bluetooth with 2.4, fix SMP, hotplug (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
        support L2CAP, BNEP, HCI filter etc
* Move firmwareloading to hotplug for bluetooth (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
* Pull hpfs out of shared struct superblock (Brian Gerst)
X Fix sleep with pre-empt disabled in (Manfred Spraul)

Linux 2.5.40-ac4
* Make ibm partition code compile again (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Remove unneeded config options on S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Update DASD drivers (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Update S/390 xpram driver (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Replace S/390 BH code by tasklets (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Fix S/390 bitops bugs (Martin Schwidefsky)
* S/390x 31bit emulation fixes (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Update S/390 link scripts (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Add S/390 pre-empt support (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Inline some S/390 old compilers couldnt handle (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Use diag 44 for S/390x spinlocks (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Better S/390 timer handling (Martin Schwidefsky)
* S/390 code cleanups (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Clean up S/390 fpu load/stores (Martin Schwidefsky)
* DECnet updates for testing (Steve Whitehouse)
* Add console shutdown handling to S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Remove some bogus S/390 sanity checks (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Clean up S/390 process irq (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Fix/simplify chpids handling on S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* No /proc/interrupts on S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Remove now unneeded S/390 hack in init/main.c (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Clean up all the S/390 ptrace handling (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Fix build with local apic enabled (James Bottomley)
* Initial i2o_block merge of 2.4/2.5 code (me)
        | Not yet functional
* Initial i2o_scsi merge of 2.4/2.5 code (me)
        | Needs dma mapping, 64bit, be and new_eh
- Revert Ivan's pci change (breaks serverworks)
* PCI serial oops fix (William Irwin)
* Remove dead wood from unistd.h (Brian Gerst)
* Fix bug in capget (Chris Wright)
* Switch qnxfs to new style initializers (Art Haas)
* Recongize qnx v6 file systems (Anders Larsen)
* Kill off remaining pcibios_ users (Greg "Ninja Turtle" Kroah-Hartmann)
* Fix scsi debug for scsi scan changes (Mike Anderson)
* Fix some bugs in scsi error handling (Mike Andersen)
* Forward port RMK's 2.4 scsi fixes (Mike Andersen)
* Allow longer settle times for scsi reset (Mike Andersen)
* Hopefully improve error policies a bit (Mike Andersen)

Linux 2.5.40-ac3
* Resync telephony drivers with 2.4 (me)
        | Forward port security and other minor fixes
* Fix aironet4500 build for tq changes (me)
* Fix keyspan USB warnings with gcc 3 (me)
* Switch to the newer 2.4 depca driver (me)
* Re-merge depca fixes from 2.5.0->2.5.40]
* Fix depca spinning waiting for irq probe (me)
* Fix depca copy with interrupts off (me)
* Fix depca clash with other ALIGN macros (me)
* Initial port of NCR5380/g_NCR5380 to new locks (me)
        | This still needs new_eh, further clean up
        | and possibly making NCR5380_main a thread
* Initial locking rework for the wd7000 scsi (me)
        | Still needs new_eh
* Update jffs to the dequeue_signal changes (me)
* Update jffs2 to the dequeue_signal changes (me)
* Fix shpnt misuse in NCR53c406a, wrong free_irq (me)
* Update NCR53c406a to new style sglist (me)
        | Still needs new_eh
* Architecture updates for S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Include updates for S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Base S/390 driver updates (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Add the new syscalls to S/390 (Martin Schwidefsky)
* Fix sleeping with locks in sound_core (Jaroslav Kysela)
* Fix oops on shutdown of cs4281 (Suresh Siddha)
* Fix cdrom paths in devfs (Jordan Breeding)
* Fix missing cache tag entry in intel cpu table (Jean Delvare)
* Remove old 2.2 compatibility pci functions (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Clean up some dead devfs bits (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Fix an oops in the hugetblpage stuff (Andrew Morton)
        | Its still a stupid idea but now it doesnt oops
X Handle read only BARs with type bits set (Ivan Kokshaysky)

Linux 2.5.40-ac2
* Fix a cut and paste error in the amd rng docs (Troels Hansen)
* Forward port OSS maestro3 fixes for toughbook
* Forward port ramdisk cache coherency
* RTL8150 USB updates (Petko Manalov)
* Fix corega USB ident (Petko Manalov)
* USB keyboard driver fix (Dave Miller)
* USB prototype fix (Luc Vanoostenryck)
* USB string fixes (
* USB test driver (David Brownell)
* Speedtouch USB driver fixes (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Clean environment for hotplug (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
* Fix mprotect oops (Hugh Dickins)
* NUMA-Q cleanups (Martin Dobson)
* Split timers into one x86 timer type per file (John Stultz)
* Cyclone timer support for x440 etc (John Stultz)
* Fix sleeping from illegal context for ioperm (Andrew Morton)
* Fix imm compile (
* Fix irda for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix xjack telephony build (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix ppa compile (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix aha152x compile for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix hamradio drivers for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix plip driver for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix mpt fusion for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix isdn for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix ieee1394 for tq changes (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix new timer code to build with cpufreq on (me)
* Fix capi build for new tq_ code (me)
        | ISDN still needs moving to real locks
        | this just cleans up one item
* Fix missing header in mtdblock_ro (Carlos Gorges)
* Fix a typo and other header (me)
* Fix up ixj_pcmcia for 2.5 (me)
        | Note for janitors - it looks like a lot of the pcmcia release
        | code people "fixed" should be using del_timer_sync not del_timer
* Fix missing header in longhaul cpu speed driver (me)
* Pipe read/write cleanup (Manfred Spraul)
* Make IDE PCI config text clearer (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)

Linux 2.5.40-ac1
* Initial port of aacraid driver to 2.5 (me)
* vfat corruption fix (Petr Vandrovec)
* Clean up firestream warnings (Francois Romieu)
+ Voyager support (James Bottomley)
* Fix split_vma (Hugh Dickins)
+ Fix config in video subdirectory (John Levon)
* Update olympic driver to 2.5 (Mike Phillips)
* Fix sg init error (Mike Anderson)
* Fix Rules.make
* Merge most of ucLinux stuff (Greg Ungerer)
        | It needs putting somewhere so we can pick over the
        | hard bits left
        | Q: Wouldn't drivers/char/mem-nommu.c be better
        | Q: How to do the procfs stuff tidily
        | Q: Wouldn't it be nicer to move all mm or mmnommu specific ksyms
        | int the relevant mm/*.c file area instead of kernel/ksyms
        | Q: Why ifdef out overcommit - its even easier to account on
        | MMUless and useful info
* Stick tulip back under 10/100 ethernet (me)
* Correct docs for IBM touchpad back to how (me)
        they were before
* Fix abuse of set_bit in winbond-840 (me)
* Fix abuse of set_bit in atp (me)
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