From: Jeff Dike (
Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 01:07:14 EST

This patch updates UML to 2.5.50. As far as UML itself is concerned, this
is identical to 2.5.49.

NOTE: I get reproducable filesystem corruption with this version. Offhand,
it doesn't look like my fault, so I'm releasing it anyway. I didn't notice
any such complaints (or fixes) about 2.5.50 on lkml, but it's possible I
wasn't paying enough attention. If there is a fix, apply it first. If not,
then run this version on a filesystem that you can afford to have trashed.

The 2.5.50 UML patch is available at
For the other UML mirrors and other downloads, see
Other links of interest:
        The UML project home page :
        The UML Community site :

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