is KERNEL developement finished, yet ???

From: Shane Helms (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 10:26:57 EST

I'd like most of you to answer the following question, that includes even

I love C programming at low level (ie kernel, embedded, etc) and i'm seriously
good at it. But don't know whether I should persue it as my main Career or
just as an Interest. My question is, is there, yet, any area at this low
level to be discovered and developed on ? or as most ppl say, are the
interesting parts over and it's just now into patches, bugs and slight
enhancements/optimizations/securities ?

I'm starting a Post-Graduate studies at April, and need to know, whether it's
worth going into Computer Architecture Group as my main career, or shall I
stir towards a another area like networking which is still in developement,
and plenty of jobs (but not as interssting as kernel/OS programming) ?????

please reply, and if in favor of kernel developement, try to name some areas
where there yet relies hope.


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