Re: Bugzilla bug tracking database for 2.5 now available.

From: Jeff Garzik (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 19:07:13 EST

Martin J. Bligh wrote:

> >The bugs assigned to me are all in the 'open' state, with no
> >obvious way to change them to 'assigned'.
> There's a radio button just below the additional comments box,
> "Accept bug (change status to ASSIGNED)". Then hit Commit.

That would be the obvious way, but that option is not presented to me :)
Look at ;-)

Tangent: Red Hat's bugzilla has a 'NEEDINFO' status which is quite
useful too.

> >>Also, the bug owner can close MULTIPLE bugs at the same time
> >>on Bugzilla. A bug owner can query all of his bugs which will
> >>then be displayed in a list, click the option "Change several bugs
> >>at once" at the bottom of the list, select the bugs that he wants
> >>to close, and then hit Commit button. It's pretty simple. Besides
> >>closing the bugs, the owner can make similar changes to several bugs
> >>at the same time using the same mechanism.
> >
> >The basic point still stands, though, that if the bug owner must
> close multiple bugs at once, they are likely clearing out garbage and
> that each individual bug is not necessarily unique or valid...
> If it gets onerous in terms of numbers of bugs filed, we can get people
> to prefilter them. I think that things will calm down in a week or so,
> but if you want, I can find someone to do that for network drivers.

I'm willing to wait and see how things settle out in a few weeks. I
doubt it will be a huge problem for me personally, but as we see on the
mailing lists already, there are plenty of bogus net stack bug reports
[I know, I posted one just today and got corrected by Alexey]. I forsee
David having a much bigger problem with potential bugzilla-related grunt

If you think back to what I first proposed, the original idea was to
minimize the grunt work on kernel developers so we could focus on
solving the tough problems :) As I said back then, that definitely
implies some useful help from staff and community to keep the bug
database clean. I think Andi Kleen mentioned that Mozilla project has
bugs begin life as pre-screened... I think that's a pretty good model.
Since you pointed out that Bugzilla supports that model from a technical
standpoint, all we need are the pre-screeners to help us out... :)


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