Re: 2.5.47 - PCMCIA ethernet and wireless ethernet bugs

From: Jean Tourrilhes (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 14:23:38 EST

Joseph Pingenot wrote :
> None of the PCMCIA wireless modules seem to work. In addition, I get the
> following errors when trying to manually load the aironet modules:
> /lib/modules/2.5.47/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/airo.o: unresolved symbol wirele
> ss_send_event_Rdc9b8ae0
> /lib/modules/2.5.47/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/airo.o: insmod /lib/modules/2.5.
> 47/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/airo.o failed
> /lib/modules/2.5.47/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/airo.o: insmod airo_cs failed

        I personally have stayed at 2.5.46 because I depend on modules
and will wait until the situation "settle down". So, don't expect quick
resolution from my side.
        I'm a bit puzzled by this error. Nothing has changed between
2.5.46 and 2.5.47. The symbol wireless_send_event() is still properly
exported in .../net/netsyms.c, and all uses of it are protected in #if
WIRELESS_EXT statements.
        Questions :
        1) Do you have module versioning enabled ? (Called "Set
version information on all module symbols").
        2) Did you change the config midway through the compile,
i.e. does a "make clean" of the kernel make it go away ?
        But as I say, I'm mostly stabbing in the dark...

        Good luck...

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