RE: 2.4.19-xfs eating filehandles when compiled with gcc 3.2

From: Mikael Olenfalk (
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 07:22:03 EST

When using Gentoo 1.3 (which uses gcc-2.95.4+) I did not experience
these problems even if the packages where almost the same versions (some
packages changed while I was doing the transition).

I'm using the gentoo kernel 2.4.19 with xfs patches, gentoo has included
some other patches too, don't have the list at hand but I can come back
to that later.

I imagine getting some fuzzy warning messages when compiling the kernel,
in the XFS subtree, I can post these if you're interested.

I'll try the newest 2.5.x kernel as soon as the machine finished
bootstrapping again (just reinstalling the system with
CHOST="i686-pc-linux-gnu" CFLAGS="-march=athlon-xp -O3 -pipe
-fomit-frame-pointer" CXXFLAGS=$CFLAGS).

I really don't want to give up a GCC 3.2 built system with
-march=athlon-xp since the build time for a kernel decreased by almost
90 seconds after a bootstrap. I.e. a system compiled with gcc3.2
compiled a kernel at 5 minutes and a gcc2.95.4+ system compiled the same
kernel with the same .config in 6:27 minutes.


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> Sent: den 15 november 2002 12:35
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> Subject: Re: 2.4.19-xfs eating filehandles when compiled with gcc 3.2
> On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 11:17:18AM +0100, Mikael Olenfalk wrote:
> > I have a Gentoo Linux 1.4 RC1 system, that ships with a GCC 3.2
> > compiler and 2.4.19 with the XFS patches (and IMON btw).
> Does it happen when you use gcc-2.95.4+ ?
> --cw

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