Re: [BUG] Failed writes marked clean?

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 15:04:28 EST


> In some circumstances, it may actually make sense to try writing a
> random block of data to the disk, since that may force the disk to
> remap the block. (Disks generally only remap a block from the pool of
> spare blocks on writes, not on reads.)
> Unfortuantely, if the error was just a transient one, you might end up
> smashing the block when you write random garbage in an attempt to
> remap the block. So perhaps the answer is to retry the read, and if
> that fails, *then* try to do a forced rewrite of the block.

Retrying is not enough. I've seen a notebook
overheating: its cpu was still okay but HDD
was too hot and started acting crazy. I got
away with 2 bad blocks and FS survived. If
kernel tried to do something clever it would
probably make corruption much worse.

My velo broke, so I got Zaurus. If you have Philips Velo 1 you don't need...
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