Re: [BK PATCH 1/2] Remove NGROUPS hardlimit (resend w/o qsort)

From: Tim Hockin (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 19:46:36 EST

Pete Zaitcev wrote:

> be about time to think about your data structures a little more.
> I'll let Andi to remind you about the performance impact (vmalloc
> area is outside of the big TLB area).

Offer an alternative? :) Linked list costs us as much or MORE for
->next as the gid_t. kmalloc() doesn't work for previous reasoning. I
considered a list of gid arr[256] or similar. A voice reminds me that
it doesn't impact us noticably in real use. Now, maybe other
architectures will find a good reason to switch to kmalloc() list of
smaller arrays, and the associated complextities or something else more

>>hmm, I haven't heard anything about them - can you offer an email or URL?


Thanks - will check it..

Tim Hockin
Systems Software Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Linux Kernel Engineering

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