[HELP]Driver for Winbond ethernet card

From: Priit Laes (amd@tt.ee)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 13:31:32 EST

Here's my problem...
I've been trying build a router box from an old 486 and it has one quite
exotic ethernet card. It doesn't have a name anywhere on a card, but i
guess the most important chip on card is Winbond W24129AS-35. I haven't
found any drivers yet for Linux. Some forums say, that this card is
NE2000 compatible, but insmod ne fails (i attached right io and irq).
Thanks in advance :)

Priit Laes <amd@tt.ee>                                     _o)          
http://amd-core.tk                                         /\\  _o)  _o)
GSM : +37256959083                                        _\_V _(\) _(\)

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