Re: [PATCH] new timeout behavior for RPC requests on TCP sockets

From: Trond Myklebust (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 10:41:22 EST

>>>>> " " == Richard B Johnson <> writes:

> The Client is the guy that just retries, as you say from a
> time-out. This shouldn't affect any internal TCP/IP code. The
> time-out is at the application (client) level. It sent a
> request, the data was sent or promised to be sent because the
> write() or send() didn't block, now it expects to get the data
> it asked for. It waits, nothing happens. It times-out and sends
> the exact same request again.

Huh??? There's no 'application level' involved here at all, nor any
'internal TCP/IP code'.

Chuck's patch touches the way the kernel Sun RPC client code (as used
exclusively by the kernel NFS client and the kernel NLM client)
handles the generic case of message timeout + resend. Why would we
want to even consider pushing that sort of thing down into the NFS
code itself?

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