Re: 2.5.47bk2 + current modutils == broken hotplug

From: David Brownell (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 03:02:36 EST

>>What's the plan for getting that back? (And module.conf
>>params etc.)
> The question is whether to force an /sbin/hotplug change to use the
> module alias mechanism, or generate the modules.*map files at "make
> modules_install" time to avoid breakage. I'm leaning towards #2, but
> I haven't written it yet (should be simple).

Yes, please. The kmod style aliasing presumes the answer to
"what do I do with this device?" is "load these modules", which
makes answers like "mount the disk" or "start this daemon/driver"
needlessly hard to achieve.

Hotplugging may well change more in 2.5, but I'd rather have it do
so on a more flexible schedule than "quick, before 2.5.48 ships"! :)

> 0.7 has preliminary /etc/modprobe.conf support, but it only does
> primitive aliases not options as yet. That's next on my list for
> userspace, along with "modprobe -r".
>>"Changes" says version 2.4.2 is fine, which appears to be wrong...
> Thanks for the feedback,

Thanks for the info ... it didn't seem very visible, so I wanted
to know what the story was! Heck, I'm just glad to see forward
motion in the module load/unload area.

Is it true that the infrastructure newly in place can easily be
made to provide (from user-space) the policy of "driver remains
loaded until the devices it's bound to are all unplugged"?

That'd be a user-friendly policy, but we'd still need to handle
today's developer-oriented "sysadmin can always remove module"
policy. (Me, I'd run with the "user friendly" policy except
when hacking a driver. Then I'd debug/rmmod/update/modprobe.)

- Dave

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