Re: [PATCH] 3w-xxxx: additional ata->sense codes, avoid driver lockup

From: Luben Tuikov (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 18:53:29 EST

Adam Radford wrote:
> While there may need to be a fix so you don't loop on status=c1,flags=0x11,
> you should know that:
> command_packet->status is not a scsi or ATA register value at all.
> (0xC1 == BSY|DRDY|ERR).
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is not true.

Really? Last time I checked the ATA spec, C1h comes
out to BSY=80h | DRDY=40h | ERR=1h.

I was *merely* trying to fix the loop on status=C1h, flags=11h.

By the use of flags (error register) and status's bits, I concluded
that while status is not *the* ATA status register, it's bits
are pretty close. For this reason I used the C1h *mask* to make
everyone happy.

Yes, I did assume that it is massaged by the controller,
but with a closed hardware spec and a bug, I had to start

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