Re: [SSI] Re: Distributed Linux

From: Prasad (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 14:14:30 EST

> Yeah, openSSI approach has some advantages, but how about the other side,
> how are the devices and files being handled? isn't it wrong to run
> someone elses process when the data that he is supposed to provide is
> missing? My work is based on a workstation model where all the nodes are
> independent workstations (in most cases with similar configurations, as in
> a computer laboratory at a university). One of my major constraints is
> that the system should be binary compatible with the kernel that does not
> support my model. In my case i plan packing and restarting a process when
> the creation node goes down.
> Prasad.

Missed something in my previous one... even i am migrating only part of
the system mode computations on the creation node. They only include the
device/filesystem handling syscalls. Most of the other things, that
correspond to the process and memory management are being executed on the
host system itself.


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