Re: md on shared storage

From: Eric Weigle (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 10:35:42 EST

> ...
> I ask because I seem to be having some strange problems with an md device
> on shared storage(Qlogic FC controllers). The qlogic drivers spit out
> messages for about 20-60 lines then the machines lock up. So the drivers
> ...
If those messages look like "no handle slots, this should not happen" and
you're running a 2.4.x kernel there's a known problem with the qlogicfc
driver locking up the machine under high load. It's been fixed in 2.5,
but I don't think it's been back-ported yet.

So, aside from the _other_ problems induced by shared storage, this might
be biting you too. :)



 Eric H. Weigle -- 

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