Re: Kill obsolete and unused suspend/resume code from IDE

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Wed Nov 13 2002 - 09:17:06 EST


> > As of obsolete... It is doing power managment outside of sysfs
> > framework... Which is not how it should be done.
> >
> > > > + do_idedisk_standby(drive);
> > > > if ((drive->id->cfs_enable_2 & 0x3000) && drive->wcache)
> > > > if (do_idedisk_flushcache(drive))
> > > > printk (KERN_INFO "%s: Write Cache FAILED Flushing!\n",
> > >
> > > What locking rules are you using here ?
> flushcache takes the ide lock which is already held at that point. The
> code splits the unregister/standby path in two so that the unregister
> doesnt deadlock
> > Linus actually asked me for the patch, and discussion about it was
> > public, then he silently droped it. This was "only" retransmit.
> Ok.
> I think your flushcache thing is safe in the new code, and I'm more than
> happy for the PM changes against the new code to use sysfs to go into
> the tree. 2.5.47-ac2 has pretty current ide - there isnt anything going
> to get moved around dramatically again just yet (I wamt to move the
> disk, tape, floppy,... drivers into a subdir later but not yet)

So, if I do basically same patch, but against 2.5.47-ac2 and submit it
to you, it might actually be acceptable? If so its good news.


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