Re: devfs

From: Helge Hafting (
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 06:29:33 EST

Alexander Viro wrote:
> On 12 Nov 2002, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> > I'm wondering if a totally userspace solution could replace devs ?
> > Something using hotplug + sysfs and creating directories/nodes as they
> > appear on the system. This way, the policy (how do I name what) could be
> > moved out of the kernel.
> Guys, may I remind you that Oct 31 had been more than a week ago?
> Devfs *is* a race-ridden pile of crap, but we are in a goddamn feature
> freeze, so let's get real.
A kernel feature freeze don't apply to a pure userspace implemetation,
so let him try. :-) It won't affect the current devfs code, it'll
simply be configured out.
/dev on tmpfs, populated by hotplug. Could be interesting to see.

> Now, does somebody have technical comments on the proposed changes?

Only the obvious - a cleanup is generally good and so is getting rid
of unused parameters.

Helge Hafting
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