2.5-bk AT_GID clash

From: Anders Gustafsson (andersg@0x63.nu)
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 20:18:58 EST


the new module-api making module.h including elf.h have exposed a name clash
in xfs:

include/linux/elf.h:175:#define AT_GID 13 /* real gid */
fs/xfs/linux/xfs_vnode.h:547:#define AT_GID 0x00000008

Can one be renamed?

Maybe module.h shouldn't be including elf.h, that afaik is needed by the
arch-specific module loaders and not by all modules. A split into
module.h for the modules and moduleloader.h for the arch-spec-loaders?

Anders Gustafsson - andersg@0x63.nu - http://0x63.nu/
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