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From: David Mosberger (davidm@napali.hpl.hp.com)
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 14:22:59 EST

>>>>> On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 10:29:29 -0600, Mario Smarduch <cms063@email.mot.com> said:

  Mario> I know that on some commercial Unix systems there are ways to
  Mario> cap the CPU utilization by user/group ids are there such
  Mario> features/patches available on Linux?

There are probably other patches floating around, but Process Resource
Management (PRM) for Linux is/was one approach to do just that:


The kernel patches available from this URL are pretty old (up to
2.4.6, as far as I could see), and I'm not sure what the future plans
for PRM on Linux are. Perhaps someone else can provide more details.

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